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“56th Venice Biennale = Documenta 11 redux ?”

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Valerio Veneruso responds to Robert Frankle’s brief “56th Venice Biennale = Documenta 11 redux ?”

Looking at the title and visiting the Biennale I had the same sensation, especially in Arsenale: it looks like a kind of mix between the last dOCUMENTA and a normal contemporary art fair, but… It sounds like the death of the ideas, that’s like: “We need new ideas to survive, to rethink new approaches to life reflecting on issues addressed in the same context three years ago…” that’s a paradox as it seems paradoxical to choose a title like “All the future’s worlds” and then present basically artists historicized and obsolete artworks. The first thing the spectator can see entering in Arsenale is a dialogue between Adel Abdessamed and some 70’s artworks by Bruce Naumann… and that’s ridiculous, I guess… A dystopian vision of the future is much more tangible in Arsenale rather then Giardini where, maybe, you can take a break for thinking at possible futures where a right contemplation of nature and the whole of creation can give to humanity a chance… but there’s always the shadow of communism that lingers around the pavilions and Karl Marx reconfirms himself a regular guest for the greatest and more important shows in the world of contemporary art.

And… let’s not forget that Enwezor was also the curator of Documenta11.

This is a short list of some of the artists invited to both exhibitions curated by Enwezor:

So… where’s the real new?

Art for all the future’s worlds or Art for all the tried entire art system?

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