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Shamanic intervention at the Biennale

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Kate Walters responds to Joanne Masding’s brief  “Use stealth. Sneak. Make yourself invisible. See underneath the biennale.”

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It was always my intention to make a shamanic intervention at the Biennale. I’d packed my oil paint with my make-up in my hand luggage; it had gone through security twice, and I’d been worried, but I got away with it. I packed all my clothes around my drum, and wore three skirts. So I found myself beside the huge hanging dragon, decided this would be a good place to work with my drum. An invigilator came and told me to move, he was worried others would follow me out to the edge of the water, would fall in, cause a stir. I moved to a safer position, but as soon as I picked up my drum I felt invisible. The dream from the night before, of a gap between Venice and another world, returned. I also saw the filth and the sense of disconnection. I felt the disquiet of the water spirits; water sprites were sitting on the surface of the water, unhappy, I drummed and all the fish, big fish, rose to the surface of the water where they stayed for some time after I had finished. Kate Walters on Twitter: @Katehorse

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