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Artist Gaynor O’Flynn responds to Ben Lloyd’s briefing “Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: Vaporetto to Giardini in rescue mission”

and her own briefing “artists are narcissist, egotistical, fame, money & power hungry monsters who create a money laundering market, discuss?”

in a three day campaign that saw the launch of Artists for Nepal in Venice.

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23 March 2015

  • Artist Gaynor O’Flynn invited to participate in The Press Room during Venice Biennale 2015

24 March 2015

  • Artists Gaynor O’Flynn agrees to take part

25 April 2015

  • A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck central Nepal, killing over 8000 people, and injuring thousands more.
  • In response to this Artist Gaynor O’Flynn who has worked with the Himalayan people of Nepal, Bhutan, India & Tibet for over 20 years, adds pay pal button to her website & networks.
  • Raises £2000+ in 2 days. Money goes direct to Nepal.

26 April 2015

  • Facebook message received from Director Of Kathmandu International Art Festival to Gaynor, Curator of The British Chapter of The Festival
  • “Activate The Maitrix”
  • Artist Gaynor O’Flynn initiates Artists For Nepal

27 April – 4 May 2015

  • Matrix activation
  • Over 100 curators/ artists contacted globally
  • Over 20 Beneficiaries
  • Event activation starts

4 May 2015

  • Artist Gaynor O’Flynn travels to Venice further matrix activation

5 May 2015

  • Further matrix activation over 50 events globally…

6 May 2015

  • Official Launch Artists For Nepal at Venice Agendas
  • Gaynor is invited to take part as a guest artist, Crossing Boundaries– Where are you from?
  • The conversation considered identity. Do artists belong to one culture or are they citizens of the world. There has always been an appropriation of artist’s heritage, but does art and culture belong to everyone?  Debate asks questions about statehood, effects of global migration on cultural boundaries, and if it matters where you are from?
  • Moderators JW Stella (Curator) and Mark Waugh (DAC’s)
  • Participants – Marita Isobel Solberg (is a musician, a visual artist and poet. A nomad of the world), Richard Demarco (Curator of cross-cultural links, presenting artists such as Joseph Bueys and Marina Abramovic) Tony Heaton (Artist, Chief Executive SHAPE), Ala Younis (Artist and curator based in Amman)
  • Invitation by Venice Communist Party HQ to host Propaganda

7 May 2015

  • Participation in The Press Room as Artist/ Investigator
  • Allies found
  • Propaganda art work designed
  • 2000 flyers reproduced
  • Artist Molly Lewis
  • Meeting at Communist Party HQ with allies including Alberto main Communist Party ally.
  • Further Matrix Activation

8 May 2015

  • 09.00- 11.00
  • Artist Gaynor O’Flynn ‘performs’ & ‘responds’ to own brief as an Editor & Artist Investigator ‘PROPAGANDA’
  • “#brief artists are narcissist, egotistical, fame, money & power hungry monsters who create a money laundering market, discuss? @gaynoroflynn”
  • Dissemination of 2,000 flyers in one day by artist Gaynor O’Flynn directly by
  • Talking to the recipient
  • Giving eye contact to the recipient
  • Communist Party HQ is Propaganda HQ for the day.
  • 12.00 -14.00 Performance continues in main official press -room of La Biennale.
  • 14.00 – Artist continues to disseminate artwork at various parties & PV’s
  • 15.00 Performance continues during lunch with major disruption as Artists enters into conversation with Artists/ Curators who make ashtray out of flyer
  • “Artists are narcissist, egotistical, fame, money & power hungry monsters who create a money laundering market…” response some yes
  • 16.00
  • Artist is told to “take her fucking mission elsewhere” by extremely overweight New York curator, who threatens to scream if she does not back down. Artist does not back down but responds with live performance at restaurant.
  • Performance – “Restore my faith in the art world! Artists are not all narcissist, egotistical, fame, money & power hungry monsters, take a flyer, it’s a work of art, Help Nepal.”
  • Overweight New York Curator backs off
  • 17.00
  • Artist continues to respond to disruption at lunchtime with further live performance outside main entrance of Arsenale.
  • Artist is disturbed that her energy is disturbed & no longer peaceful.
  • Artist is confused by how her self seeking, narcissistic behavior is gathering more attention
  • 17.30
  • Group of Italian Police arrive to performance
  • Police take flyers
  • 18.00
  • Artist retreats back to Communist Party HQ. Artist continues to quietly disseminate with quiet conversation & eye contact.
  • 19.00 -12.00
  • Artists continues to disseminate flyers at various PV’s, parties & Communist party HQ.
  • 12.00
  • Work ends at Welsh party with intense conversation between two art critics who do not believe in artist’s approach to her practice. Think she should behave more like Sarah Lucas. Curators refuse to disclose names or identity
  • Artist continues Propaganda & to behave like Gaynor O’Flynn

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