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Recipe for #DivestVenice17

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Jane Lawson responds to Peter Heslip’s brief “Create the demands for #DivestVenice17”

First formulate the demands. Next, identify some of the conditions necessary for those demands to be made effectively. Next, work out which systems to intervene in to bring about those conditions. Next, identify Donella Meadows’ Twelve Intervention Points for the relevant systems. Next, carry out the most effective interventions. If you can, intervene in the mindset or paradigm out of which the system arises. Bear in mind that Venice is just a subsystem of an economic system based on the cheap power provided by fossil fuels and the mirage of infinite growth, and that there is more work to do. Have a spritz.

Placemat from Cinema Rossini, ink, acrylic, Tipp-Ex, fake gold leaf.

Jane Lawson on Twitter: @msjanelawson

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