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I am not deep, but I am very wide


Kate Walters responds to Richard Parry’s brief  “Biennale announces hypnotists to be employed as invigilators. Deeper experience promised.”

I had to keep returning to the Sarah Lucas show to remind myself how awful it was. I asked one of the invigilators what she thought of the show. She made sure no one was looking when she said most people come in, and within a few minutes they are on their way out. No hypnotists would be required in the Japan Pavilion which is a sea of red threads describing arcs, caves or wombs. Deeper experiences guaranteed here, no cynicism what a relief!

Kate Walters on Twitter: @Katehorse

2 thoughts on “I am not deep, but I am very wide

  1. Great someone had the courage to voice a frank opinion about the Sarah Lucas show, after all the surely hypocritical praise by the official british arts press ! GK Mollett


  2. Is this really the best our country, the UK, has to offer? It may be worthy of an exhibition if it was the work of a hormonal and angst teenager or a sex abuse victim in therapy. The Guardian described them as “pervy one-liners and eye-poking rudery”. I would describe them as turgid dross, unimaginative, pathetic, offensive,etc and should never have seen the light of day. It seems that no one actually dare offend Lucas by saying these things – do we all have to be part of the “knowing clique” that understands these things – absolute rubbish in my opinion and without prejudice.
    But on a lighter note the Biennale exhibits in the Old Ropery in Venice are absolutely fabulous.


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