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Robert Frankle responds to Richard Parry’s briefs:

“Biennale announces hypnotists to be employed as invigilators. Deeper experience promised.”

“Documentary to begin filming at Venice today exploring what it describes as ‘honey without the bees’. Feature interview.”


“Dealer and gallery director in selfie stick shame. We have the pictures.”

“Sparks fly over so-called ‘performative text incident’”


“Large nebulous artwork accidentally seen by outsider tourist – quizzical looks observed”


“Art writer seen scrawling illegible semi-anarchic graffiti on palazzo door at 4am slurring that going to art parties is the new situationism. Fresh reports.”


Photos from the video “Wrathful King Kong Core” (2011) Lu Yang as projected in the Chinese pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale.

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