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Artists: Poets or Politicians? #2

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Transcript of conversation with Debra Levine at the Creative Time Summit, 12/08/2015, responding to Cesare Pietroiusti’s brief: Lo senti il vento? / Can you feel the wind?

Do you think artists are poets or politicians?

I think art is situational… so… I think that the one thing artists have is the ability to choose modes of discourse, modes of practice in relationship to their… …their concerns, their obsessions… um.. and what they do in the world… and sometimes a poetics activates an audience that they might be trying to reach, or… activates the issue far better than a direct… um.. political polemic. I don’t, sometimes I think that political language itself is obfuscating or ah.. um.. it can narrow down your vision aswell, so the choice to.. work with political language, either.. um.. for the fact that it may be transparent or may obscure something, also could be a poetic choice, I don’t think that there’s a binary between the two. I think that artists.. um.. really think very carefully about the mode of operations that they choose, and then.. ah.. some also.. may have.. a much more.. innate.. um.. verge or tendency to work with one material or the other, but I think that its also, its culturally (inaudible)

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