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Spaziolocal (Giuliano Tarlao & Alice Palamenghi) respond to the Curriculum theme of the Creative Time Summits with a time-based meditation on the CV as data flow.

Our work responds to the Curriculum theme of the Creative Time Summit. We are focused on Curriculum Vitaæ as a “dispositif” (term used originally by Micheal Foucault).

This research focusses on the etymology of the term, and in a transversal way to consider what the meanings (and the signifiers) are when talking about a CV.

Bringing in itself a translation of ourselves, these trans-code rules create one or more document that are intended for dispersion into mare-magnum (a “big sea”) of databases.

CV as a practice today: compile a curriculum today it still makes sense? When writing seems to compile a form to get the supermarket loyalty card? And also: when I sign “I authorize / I agree the processing of my personal data” (for the circulation of the CV in Italy) is very similar to “terms and conditions”, for the software update moods, or the tracking by cookies by of the web-site-world.

CV like body, like a subject-object. CV in a wide perspective that includes the construction (and maintenance) of a personal reputation into a world wide web platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others (and in the extent to which this happens).

And, last but not least, what kind of feedback does a CV generate?

Spaziolocal on Twitter: @spaziolocal

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