Investigating news creation through expanded acts of visual reportage


PRESS ROOM mirrors the structures and processes of journalism and PR, replacing the journalist with the interventionist – contemporary artists who take on the role of artist-investigator – in order to question and explore how knowledge is constructed and cemented within universal narratives.

During breakfast ‘press briefings,’ artists, curators and the public question, through conceptual briefs and artistic acts, how information is constructed and disseminated.

At these meetings a number of short briefs contributed by curators, journalists, thinkers and art world individuals are read out and responded to during that day by a team of artist-investigators and citizen journalists.

All briefs and responses are broadcast on social media, via the PRESS ROOM twitter account and published on this site. Follow the Breaking News announcements to keep up to date with developments and events, including locations and times for each Breakfast Briefing. To join this experimental press as a citizen journalist – just turn up at a breakfast meeting or respond to a briefing online.

Follow on Twitter @pressroomvenice #pressroom, on Facebook to hear of future events, exhibitions and interventions.