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3Day Press Room Response

Ilka Leukefeld responds to three mornings of #PRESSROOM breakfast briefings from Guest Editors Cestare Pietroiusti, Mariam Ghani and Charles Gaines.

3Day Press Room Response, Ilka Leukefeld, 2015

DAY1 – #CesarePietroiusti – lo senti il vento?
DAY2 – #MariamGhani – can a biennale enact politics?
DAY3 – #CharlesGaines – political art is art that attempts to link the personal and subjective with the social

Ilka Leukefeld on Twitter: @ilkaLeukefeld

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Lo senti il vento? / Can you feel the wind? #1

Jane Lawson responds to Cesare Pietroiusti’s brief “lo senti il vento? / can you feel the wind?”

A Strong breeze blew in from Gubbio – no storm unfortunately.
Fly fisherman on the Riva degli Schiavoni.
Too dark to see what was in my viewfinder.

Jane Lawson on Twitter: @msjanelawson