Investigating news creation through expanded acts of visual reportage


This page archives the creative acts of visual reportage by PRESS ROOM’s team of artist-investigators, alongside responses submitted by citizen journalists, during the 2015 Venice Biennale and Creative Time Summit.

For a chance to become involved as a citizen journalist, simply submit a response to one or more of the Guest Editors’ briefings. Contact us for further information on formats.


Restless Practices #2 – PRESS ROOM responds to Vanessa Kwan

Restless Practices #1 – PRESS ROOM responds to Vanessa Kwan

Solutions Made Simple – Robert Frankle responds to Terry Smith

INFR’ACTION VENEZIA 2015– Webb-Ellis respond to Stuart Cameron

Peripheral Perambulation – Filippo Lorenzin responds to Stuart Cameron

Tiniest fragments gleaned – Webb-Ellis respond to Mike Stubbs

Listen for their tunes – Robert Frankle responds to Richard Parry

on-line #Wunderkammer – Spaziolocal (Giuliano Tarlao & Alice Palamenghi) respond to Annabel Dover

Swallow the gap – Jade Montserrat responds to Shonagh Manson

Romantic map of the Venice Giardini – Filippo Lorenzin responds to Anouchka Grose

Calculating Carbon: three snapshots of environmental impact caused by La Biennale – Amy McDonnell, Monica Rivas Velasquez and Fernanda Albertoni respond to Neil Cummings

The Journey Work of the Stars – Kate Walters responds to Mike Stubbs

Biennale Babble – Gabrielle Mollett responds to Martin Holman

#VeniceBiennale – 25 key words for journalists – Filippo Lorenzin responds to Anna Battista

The Imagined Pavilion‏ – Amy McDonnell responds to Akerman Daly

I am not deep, but I am very wide – Kate Walters responds to Richard Parry

Recipe for #DivestVenice17 – Jane Lawson responds to Peter Heslip

There is only one position for an artist…? – Kate Walters responds to Ania Bas

Venice Biennale Behaviour Map – Helen Stratford responds to Candice Jacobs

exiles from the garden explore the periphery – Amy McDonnell and Monica Rivas Velasquez repond to Stuart Cameron

Venice Biennale: Think Local, Act Global! Ellie Harrison – Artist Ellie Harrison (self-)critically responds to the Biennale experience and the PRESS ROOM project

PROPAGANDA – Gaynor O’Flynn responds to Ben Lloyd

Shamanic intervention at the Biennale – Kate Walters responds to Joanne Masding

Bird’s Eye View Venice – Deterrent Survey Venice – Helen Stratford responds to Joanne Masding

Pigeon Soup – Venanzio Straulino responds to Robert Frankle

Henry vs. Hito – Helen Stratford responds to Joanne Masding

The dwarf is my self – Jane Lawson responds to Martin Holman

Arsenale Technician’s Room – Helen Stratford responds to Joanne Masding

Public Space Venice – Helen Stratford responds to Peckham Platform

“56th Venice Biennale = Documenta 11 redux ?” – Valerio Veneruso responds to Robert Frankle

Abundance – Monica Rivas Velasquez thinks through the term ‘abundance’ from Anouchka Grose’s briefings

The Gentle Guest at La Biennale – Cecilia Tirelli responds to Robert Frankle